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Used to help divorced indivduals determine when to claim their own benefit or spousal benefit.  If you were married over ten years and are currently unmarried, you may be eligible for a divorced-spouse benefit based on your former spouse’s work record. There are specific rules for coordinating your divorced-spouse benefit with your own retirement benefit, and these rules must be carefully followed if you wish to take advantage of both benefits. This Social Security Divorced Planning Analysis takes into account your current age, your estimated PIA and your former spouse’s PIA, and incorporates the claiming rules for your situation. It shows you one or more scenarios which you may consider in conjunction with your lifestyle, health status, and overall goals to decide when to claim Social Security benefits

Social Security Divorced Planning Report

  • In order to perform the calculation, we will need your first name, date of birth and primary insurance amount (PIA) and the year/age of divorce.  We will also need the first name, date of birth and primary insurance amount (PIA) of the ex-spouse.  We will also need the estimated life expectancy for each individual, see the ages below.

  • Please provide life expectancy.

    Woman much shorter than average 78

    Woman shorter than average 83

    Woman average 87

    Woman longer than average 91

    Woman much longer than average 96

    Man much shorter than average 76

    Man shorter than average 80

    Man average 84

    Man longer than average 88

    Man much longer than average 92

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