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This analysis shows your Social Security breakeven age comparing early vs. late claiming. The idea is this: If you start Social Security benefits early, you will receive more checks but the amount will be permanently reduced. The breakeven analysis shows the age at which cumulative benefits from the later claiming analysis begin to exceed cumulative benefits from the early claiming analysis. Quite simply, if you—and/or your spouse if you are married— expect to live longer than the breakeven age, you would be better off delaying the start of benefits to the later age in order to receive more total lifetime benefits

Social Security Simple Breakeven Analysis Report

  • In order to perform the calculation, we will need your first name, date of birth and primary insurance amount (PIA) and the two claiming ages that you'd like to compare.  We will also need the estimated life expectancy for each individual, see the ages below.

  • Please provide life expectancy.

    Woman much shorter than average 78

    Woman shorter than average 83

    Woman average 87

    Woman longer than average 91

    Woman much longer than average 96

    Man much shorter than average 76

    Man shorter than average 80

    Man average 84

    Man longer than average 88

    Man much longer than average 92

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